Attention students and parents,

Please check the Academic Counseling Website for Upcoming Events at:


Feb. 8 - Cyber High (Credit Recovery) 2-4pm - Library

Feb. 8-12 - Naviance Student Scheduling Appointments (Sophomores)

Feb. 10 - Incoming Freshman Information Parent Meeting - 6pm- MPR

Feb. 12 - Incoming Freshman Information Parent Meeting - 3:30pm - MPR

Feb. 15-19 - Winter Break (No School)

Feb. 22 - Cyber High (Credit Recovery) 2-4pm - Library

Feb. 22-26 - Naviance Student Scheduling Appointments (Freshmen)

Feb. 25 - SVCTE (CCOC) Open House (760 Hillsdale Ave., SJ 95136) - 5:30-7:30pm

Feb. 29 - Cyber High (Credit Recovery) 2-4pm - Library


Attention Students: 


Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (formerly CCOC) now has A-G classes!

Yes, you read that correctly!  19 classes have passed the strict scrutiny of the University of California and may now be listed as an A-G class on your college application!  This means that students who wish to attend a 4 year college AND take a hands-on, career related course in high school can do just that!  For example: if you plan on majoring in Sports Medicine or Forensics you could enroll in a 3 hour course (1/2 of your school day) here at SVCTE and learn more about what you will be studying in college, and be able to list that class as an A-G course.   What a great deal!  Interested students should talk to their counselor about the possibility of registering for an SVCTE class.  Here is a link to the list of all available classes:


 Attention Students:

  1. You will learn skills that will give you a huge advantage when applying for jobs in related careers and increase your ‘earning power’.
  2. More than half of our classes are now approved for the University of California A-G course list and can be listed on your 4-year college application.
  3. Many of our classes offer certifications (such as CPR, etc.) which are attractive to potential employers.
  4. Several programs offer internships (students working in the field to gain hands-on experience).  These include: Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, Veterinary Assisting, Health Careers and Medical Office Careers.
  5. Our classes are taught by career professionals – people who have first-hand experience working in the field.


SVCTE has something for everyone.  Speak with your counselor regarding class registration!  More information can be found at:

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Santa Teresa High School's Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

 It is the mission of Santa Teresa High School to provide a safe and caring learning environment where students achieve the academic, aesthetic, personal, and social development required to continue learning and pursuing post secondary education, to compete in a changing job market, and to participate in a multicultural, democratic society.

Vision Statement

Helping students get a GRASP on their future!  A community of

Goal oriented,


Academically sound,

Socially adept

Problem solvers


Block Schedule and Advisory/Tutorial

Here is a link to the 2015-16 Bell Schedule, featuring a four day a week, 95 minute block schedule with three day Advisory/Tutorial (SAINT period).

For more information regarding block schedule, advisory, and tutorial, please click this link.

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