The following message was broadcast via Teleparent on May 25, 2016:


Good evening, this is Greg Louie, Principal of Santa Teresa High School.  As many of you know, last night was the Class of 2016 Graduation.  Unfortunately, some of you may also know that about 70-80 Seniors participated in a Senior Prank that involved trespassing, stolen property, and vandalism of school property.


I have identified nearly 30 of these students, either by evidence and/or self-admission by the students themselves.  


The Senior Prank involved stealing campaign signs from throughout the community and placing them all over the hill near the clock tower and stacking presumably stolen cones in certain places throughout campus.  Besides trespassing on school property and stealing personal property, the Class of 2016 Senior Prank included trash being dumped throughout the campus, two trees being ripped out of the ground near the 500 building, buildings being spray painted with graffiti, and locks to classrooms and offices being glued shut.  1st period class finals were negatively affected, due to the inability to enter the rooms, the custodial team needed to spend a number of hours to clean up the mess, and the security team needed to spend a significant amount of time to identify as many of the culprits as possible and arrange for restitution.  The total cost of damage, cleanup, and investigation is at least $2,600.  Moreover, the hundreds of dollars of stolen campaign signs negatively affected the campaigns of local City Council candidates, violated the trust of our community, and negatively impacted the reputation of Santa Teresa High School.


To make things right, I need those Seniors who were involved to do the following.  First, if you are still in possession of any campaign signs, they must be returned to my office immediately.  Candidates who are running for City Council need their signs back in advance of the June 7th election.  Second, if you were involved in stealing and/or placing the campaign signs, you need to attend a meeting on Friday at 3pm in the ST Library to discuss restitutions in lieu of a police report.


If you were not involved in any way, you have nothing to worry about, but if you were one of the 70-80 Seniors involved in the Senior Prank, it is now time to own your mistake and make it right.  Those who I know were involved will be individually called and your attendance at the meeting will be mandatory.


Thank you.


FYI: In case you're interested. :)


Dear High School and Community Partners,

My name is Amanda Kolstad, and I am contacting you on behalf of Foothill College to invite your students to our SOAR event. We are holding our largest Student Orientation Assessment and Registration (SOAR) event on June 4, 2016 from 8AM-4PMSOAR is a program at Foothill College that helps new students complete requirements for priority registration. When students attend SOAR, they complete the following steps:

  1. Complete an Orientation. You will learn about:
    • Academic expectations, progress and probation standards
    • Maintaining registration priority
    • Prerequisite/co-requisite challenge process
    • Maintaining fee waiver eligibility
    • Services and Programs at Foothill College
    • Academic calendar
    • Registration and college fees
    • Educational planning
  2. Complete Assessment (in both math and English)
  3. Create an Educational Plan with an academic counselor
  4. Register for Counseling 5: Introduction to College prior to the term you plan to enroll full time

Before SOAR, students must apply for admission. They will need a student ID for the SOAR workshop. Please encourage them to do this as early as possible, even if they think they may attend another school. For assistance with the application, students may contact the Admissions & Records Office.

After receiving their Foothill Student ID number, students should register for a SOAR workshop for help completing the other steps toward priority!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Marco Tovar, our School Relations Specialist at



Thank you,

Amanda Kolstad, M.A.
Student Success and Support Program Coordinator
Student Services
Room 8105



Foothill College

12345 El Monte Road
Los Altos Hills, CA  94022

The varsity and junior varsity baseball team will be doing a Goodwill Donation Drive/fundraiser Saturday, June 11, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM at Santa Teresa High School in the visitor's parking lot on Snell Avenue. Our baseball team will receive approximately $1250 for every 28 foot trailer (8600 pounds) full of acceptable donation items, including e-waste. 

Acceptable Donation Items include:




-Clothes, shoes, accessories

-Small household items


For a Successful Donation Drive:

•Start collecting items before the event Pre-collection is key!

•Ask friends, family, neighbors, and local businesses to donate books, clothes, shoes or e-waste to help our baseball team.

•Post event details on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. 

•Request donations from employers and co-workers and don't forget to ask for e-waste.

•Contact realtors who may have clients that moved and left sellable items behind.

•Organize a pick up for items from those who cannot bring them to our drive such a senior centers, local businesses, etc.

•Word of mouth is powerful. 


Goodwill's unacceptable donation items include:



•Large appliances

•Automobile parts


•Household trash, food, or carpeting

•Construction debris, lumbar, concrete,    bricks

•Hazardous household chemicals or liquids of any kind

•Baby strollers, car seats

•Pet related items

•Items over 50 pounds

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 It is the mission of Santa Teresa High School to provide a safe and caring learning environment where students achieve the academic, aesthetic, personal, and social development required to continue learning and pursuing post secondary education, to compete in a changing job market, and to participate in a multicultural, democratic society.

Vision Statement

Helping students get a GRASP on their future!  A community of

Goal oriented,


Academically sound,

Socially adept

Problem solvers

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