Online Athletic Registration:

  • Go to www.athleticclearance.com  (The Santa Teresa High School student’s legal parent/guardian must fill out information on the Athletic Clearance site.)
  • From there, click START CLEARANCE, then choose the correct School Year, Santa Teresa High School (CIF-CCS), and the sport (do for the first sport season you are trying out for).
  • Fill in all required blanks in each of the sections.
  • You must download the approved ESUHSD Physical (found on either the STHS or Athletic Clearance websites.)
  • You must scan the fully completed physical with doctor’s signature.
  • This is the only valid form we can take, all others will be rejected.
  • Students will not be cleared unless all documents are complete and uploaded into the Athletic Clearance website and all required information sections are filled out and online signature given.

*Since this online registration is new to Santa Teresa this year, please direct all questions to an Athletic Director via email.

END FOR FOR SPRING REGISTRATION IS FRIDAY, 2/3/17! (Coaches have been notified of this to communicate to the students trying out.




Fall: Friday, 8/5 (before school starts)

The following are due to online registration system website on or before the season tryout date.

All forms can be obtained on the school website under the Forms page. The information that the contract signatures cover is also found on the Forms page.

Failure to turn in any or all of these forms ahead of tryouts can result in your immediate termination as an athlete for that team for that particular sport's season. Your name will not be included on the roster submitted to the league and section.

As always, please email an Athletic Director if you have any questions.

Residential Eligibility

  • If ST is the only high school you have ever attended, then you are eligible for the current school year.
  • If you attended a different high school within the last twelve (12) months, you must fill out paperwork to be cleared to participate.
  • Please see an Athletic Director to start the transfer process ASAP. Ask for coach for more info or to get a hold of an AD.
  • You will not be allowed to participate in ANY contest until you are cleared by the CCS office.
    • ONLY an Athletic Director can inform the coach of a student-athlete's of eligibility status!
    • Coaches are to check with an Athletic Director for any questions in regards to a student-athlete's eligibility status.
    • DO NOT CONTACT the CCS Office directly. Only an Athletic Director can contact the CCS Office.
  • Transfer applications take approximately three (3) weeks to process, so please be patient and await a notification from an Athletic Director.

Academic Eligibility

  • Minimum GPA: 2.0 with no more than one (1) "F" grade
  • Eligibility is determined by grading period grades, not school loop grades.
  • Eligibility changes five (5) school days after the end of the grading period.
  • If you are ineligible, the coach can immediately remove you from the team.
  • If you have three (3) or more grading periods of academic ineligibility, you may be academically ineligible to participate in ST Athletics.
  • Academic probation will only be granted for extreme circumstances (The ADs & Academic Council will review all applications)
    • If you have more than two "Fs" or have less than a 1.8 GPA, you will not be eligible for academic probation.

**Attention all athletes who have taken or may take Cyber High online classes for credit remediation: Those classes do not count towards the NCAA and only count as an A-G credit recovery. For more information, email your counselor through naviance. Sorry for any inconvenience.**

Behavior Expectations

  • You must attend class the day of a contest or the Friday before a Saturday contest.
  • If you are suspended from class, you cannot participate (practices/games) for the duration of your suspension.
  • All athletes are expected to be model students inside and outside the classroom.
    • ​Failure to do so will result in progressive, disciplinary action, contracts, and/or dismissal/suspension from Santa Teresa Athletics. 
  • All BVAL/CCS rules will be followed with ejections (red cards) from a contest.
    • Additional disciplinary action may be taken depending upon the infraction.
    • For the 2016-17 school year, we may impose an additional (and automatic) one game suspension (on top of the automatic one from the league) for each infraction. The number we've received over the last few years have increased and needs to be limited. 
  • If caught under the influence or in possession of drugs, alcohol, or any other substance during the season, you will be immediately removed from the team for the remainder of the season.
    • The same penalty applies to all fights (on or off campus), public urination, vandalism, graffiti, and/or weapons possession.
  • Other school-related infractions could also result in removal from the team or other disciplinary action. (These may include, but are not limited to, defiance towards another coach/staff member, unsportsmanlike conduct, inappropriate comments on social media outlets (ex. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
    • Any misdemeanors, felonies, and/or theft will revert to the ESUHSD Code of Conduct and will automatically be ineligible for Athletics for 180 school days.
  • Some penalties may be appealed to the Athletic Council and/or Principal. Please see an Athletic Director first for more information.
    • For a more specific outline of penalties for infractions, see the ESUHSD Code of Conduct, found in the STHS Student-Athlete packet.


  • Attend our Athletic Parent Meeting in the Fall (Tuesday, August 23rd, 7:00pm STHS Theater)
    • Other sports seasons will have meetings sometime in the first few weeks of their seasons.
  • Please consult the Athletic Packet found on the Resources page or consult the East Side Union High School District website for more information in regards to the administration of Athletics.
  • And as always, contact an Athletic Director.