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Back to School Night


Santa Teresa High School's Back to School Night is Thursday, September 6, 2018 from 5:30pm to 8pm, beginning with introductions of Administration, Counselors, Advisors, and our Parent Groups at the outdoor stage.  Class visits will begin with 1st period at 6pm and 2nd period at 6:17pm.  Class visitations are 12 minutes long with 5 minute passing periods in between.  Throughout the evening, the Counselors will be available in the Library and the Parent Groups will be located near the 500 building.  If you have time in your BTSN schedule, the Counselors and the Parent Groups would love to meet you. 

specific BTSN information

2018 Schedule

How to get the most from BTSN 2018

Back to School Night is designed for parents and guardians to meet the teachers and learn about how their students will succeed.  To get the most from BTSN 2018, here are a few suggestions:

1.)  Know where you're going ahead of time.  Download and print the campus map and/or the Student Schedule template, and make note of the classrooms and the order of when your class visit is scheduled.

2.)  Ask questions about the class.  Specific questions about students or your student should be made during a parent-teacher conference.

3.)  Check out the information tables to learn more about the Student Family Center, the Parent/Community Information Specialist, the ST Organization of Parents and Staff (STOPS), the ST Athletic Booster Club (STABC), and the Latino Parent Coalition (LPC).


Campus Map

Student Schedule Template

BTSN teacher updates

Due to illness or conflicts within their schedule, some teachers can not make Back to School Night.  To help you know who will not be at BTSN, here's the BTSN Teacher Update.

Teacher Update

  • Mr. Caldie
  • Mrs. Chaid
  • Mr. Dondero
  • Ms. My Nguyen