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The SAINTLY Tutors Program

The "SAINTLY Tutors Program" is designed to match students of need with qualified student tutors.  Students and Parents/Guardians are encouraged to complete the form below indicating their request.  Only approved tutors have access to the information.  When a qualified tutor is available, the student (and Parent/Guardian) will be contacted.  All tutoring must occur on the Santa Teresa High School campus in or near the Library between the end of school and 5pm Tuesday through Friday.

If there is an arrangement for paid tutors, tutors must be paid on a weekly basis and a contract must be completed prior to the start of tutoring.

Request a SAINTLY Tutor

If you are in need of a SAINTLY Tutor, please complete the following "Saintly Tutors 2019-20 Request Form."

SAINTLY Tutors Expectations
  • You are the best of our best students.  The highest qualities of character and integrity are expected of “Saintly Tutors.”
  • You are committed to helping Santa Teresa High School students achieve academic success to the best of their ability. 
  • If the work you do as a tutor negatively affects your own academic success, you must take a break from the program until you feel ready to return to the “Saintly Tutors” program. 
  • Tutoring can only be conducted on campus, in or near the Library, under the supervision of an STHS staff member or designee during the after-school tutoring hours. 
  • A “Saintly Tutors” Program Contract must be completed and on file with Ms. My Nguyen (room 509) before beginning tutoring services.
  • You will have access to confidential information and will not share the information or provide access to the information to anyone.
  • Arrive on time, and do not leave early.  If you are going to be late or cannot make your appointment, contact your tutoree and their parents/guardians.  You have contracted out your service, and they are expecting your help.
  • Always check in with the STHS staff member or designee at the beginning and end of your tutoring shift.  Do not go to unapproved tutoring areas without confirming with the STHS staff member or designee. 
  • Sign your time card each day (do not print).  Sign in when you arrive, and sign out when you leave.  Do not sign in and out at the same time.  Never sign for someone else.  Use your legal signature.  Record times accurately; this is an official document that shows your whereabouts at a specific time.
  • Follow all school rules.  Don’t ruin the program for the rest of the students.
  • Be sure to speak with Ms. My Nguyen (room 509), an Administrator, an Advisor, or a Counselor if you have any concerns.

SAINTLY Tutoring

Meet Our 2019-20 SAINTLY Tutors