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athletics: 2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR

Freshmen/Transfer Student Google Slideshow (freshmen/transfers only)

Athletics for 2020-21 Google Slideshow (all students)

--Freshmen/Transfer students, please go through both slides. 

Any student trying out for sports will be held accountable for all information on these slides. We will hold sport specific Zoom calls once the school year starts with coaches and Athletic Directors. 


With the current state of Santa Clara County, we are able to restart our summer cohorts or begin new ones. (August through December 12th, 2020)

In order to join a cohort, you must first do the following:

1. Let the head coach of the program know your interest. (limited to 15 students/cohort) ST will be able to start cohorts beginning Monday, August 24th.

2. Register and be cleared through with ESUHSD physical and all proper signatures.

3. Print and fill out new and updated consent form. (following the health checks that must be done ahead of EACH session)

4. Wear a face covering to and from the cohort and have one that may be able to be used for the non-contact activity in specific cases. 

At this time, no indoor, weight room, nor "contact" activity can take place. 


CHECK BACK HERE FOR MORE UPDATES. Please take care and stay safe. 

2019-2020 Annual athletic awards

Click here for the Annual Athletic Awards Slideshow. Sorry we couldn't hold our annual awards ceremony to honor every single one of you appropriately, but hope this new wrinkle helps. Congrats to you all and please play the slides in order from beginning to end. Thanks!


Ms. Fujii and Mr. Young

Athletic Directors


All students wishing to try out for any sport must first register to 

From there you will enter in athlete info, health info, parental consent/signatures info, and upload a valid ESUHSD physical

For more information, please see the Eligibility and Forms pages. 

Any questions? Ask an Athletic Director

All forms must be uploaded and approved by an Athletic Director before trying out. Please be advised that athletes may be removed from the (tryout) roster without valid documentation. 

Athletic clearance for the 20-21 school year is now open

MIssion Statement

The athletics program at Santa Teresa will strive to maintain high levels of successful athletic opportunities that provide safe, equitable, and engaging experiences to all student-athletes. All student athletes will promote the highest standards of ethics, sportsmanship, respect, and responsibility. They will promote these attributes with assistance from their coaches, teachers, parents, and staff of Santa Teresa. Leadership will be encouraged along with developing and nurturing athletic skills in the positive spirit of competition.

alumni news

Check out our new alumni section! If you are an alumnus/alumna or have an update on one, please email an Athletic Director with the pertinent information, so we can celebrate our former students' continued athletic success. Go Saints!

Team Schedules

Need to know when the next game is?

Go to the BVAL website to get the league schedule for the current school year.

Volunteer/ Fundraising Opportunities

If you &/or your business are able to assist ST Athletics, please contact an Athletic Director so we can get started!

Quick Calendar 2020-21
  • Monday, December 14th (Season 1 Sports Start Date)
    • Please do your part to ensure we can try to get back on the field.
    • Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Water Polo
    • all other sports are in Season 2 and start in Feb./March.