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Online Registrations

See the eligibility page or go directly to to register your student-athlete to tryout for STHS Athletics. 

Downloadable Student Athlete Forms


Print BOTH PAGES of the physical form and submit to a licensed physician. These are the only forms we are allowed to take per, ESUHSD Board Policy. You will not be cleared to tryout/participate in Athletics without this form on file.  Any forms other than this one, will not be accepted


Scan all forms in and turn into new online registration website: before tryouts begin. Coaches are not to collect any STHS Athletic forms or money.

Need to purchase low cost insurance as required by the district for the school year?

FOR DRIVERS OF ANY SCHOOL FUNCTION: Print out form and attach a copy of your Driver's License and a copy of your Proof of Insurance. Turn in to the coach or an Athletic Director, who will then turn it in to the Principal. This form must be on file with the district if anyone uses their own vehicle to transport students. All California driving laws apply. THIS IS FOR ATHLETES & FOR PARENTS/GUARDIANS. 


If you need any of our school forms translated into Spanish or Vietnamese (or another language), here are some options you can undertake: 

  • Have your son our daughter translate them for you.
  • Use a Google Translate type program to translate the information.
  • Contact an Athletic Director/Administrator for more information.
  • We are in the process of having our documents translated into Spanish/Vietnamese, so stay tuned. 

Blossom  Valley Athletic Team Roster Form: Coaches, please download and submit to an Athletic Director via email. Fill out in alphabetical order, separated out by gender, if applicable. Include all areas except for the # of F grades and GPA, we will do that for you. Ask an AD for any questions ahead of time as needed. Please include uniform number if applicable.

Print out the Injury Accident Report Form and fill out within 24 hours of any injury or accident that occurs at a practice or contest, regardless of location. This form must be submitted to an Athletic Director at the earliest possible date either in person or scanned and emailed. An Athletic Director will make the appropriate number of copies to distribute to the various entities needing this information.

Bank Paperwork: Click here to access the latest bank paperwork for the school year, including how to register your team/club, RPOs, minutes, etc. 

Athletic Clearance App: download the app for a user friendly interface for checking and pulling up clearances.