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Senior Class of 2021

Welcome SENIORS!

Dear Seniors,

You made it. Your high school journey is now ticking to an end. Your four years at ST have dramatically changed you and the school as a whole. Losing Junior Prom was a major hit to your high school career, and the threat of your Fall Semester and more being online is concerning to you. But we know this class has been resilient as ever. We are rooting for your success during these unconventional times, especially during college application season.



MEET YOUR Officers:
President: Mia Rodriguez
Vice President: Maya Payan
Secretary: Sariah Quint
Treasurer: Nathan Nguyen

Mia Rodriguez, President

One reason I love ST is because we are always so spirited and we're good at bringing everyone together to make the campus feel like a community rather than just a high school. One fact about me is that I've never been out of the country.