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Freshman (9th) Counseling Page

Check your School Loop, Naviance and the Counseling Monthly Calendar REGULARLY to monitor your academic progress, receive important information and check for counseling upcoming events. 

Counseling Monthly Calendar

School Loop


Freshman Naviance Onboarding "Do What You Are" Presentation (Nov. 8)

Freshman Naviance "4-Year Plans" Presentation (Nov. 12-22)

  • Students must earn a minimum of 220 credits in required courses to graduate from high school. Every class that you pass successfully, you will earn 5 credits.
  • During your Freshman year you will take 6 classes and by the end of the school year you will have earned 60 credits.
  • You must earn a "C" or better grade to move on to the next level of classes.
  • Colleges/Universities only accept "C" or better grades, which means that if you earn a "D" grade you will need to re-take the class for a better grade. 
  • Attend College Fairs.
  • For more details about High School and "A-G" Requirements check the Naviance Link on the left-hand side menu. 


  • Make sure that you can login to your Naviance account.
  • Explore Naviance.
  • Take the Personality assessment "Do What You Are" to determine what type of career best fits you.
  • Begin to create your Four-Year Plan.
  • Begin to post your extra-curricular activities such as: volunteer hours, clubs, sports, awards, etc... in the Resume Builder.
  • For more details check the Naviance Link on the left-hand side menu.