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Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (svcte)

Are you interested in attending SVCTE next school year? Please see your counselor in the Spring to review your credit status and class availability.



Junior (11th) Page

Check your SCHOOL LOOPNAVIANCE and the MONTHLY EVENT CALENDAR REGULARLY to monitor your academic progress, receive important information, and check for counseling upcoming events. 

Credits / Grades:

  • Students must earn a minimum of 220 credits in required courses to graduate from high school.
  • Every class that you pass successfully, you will earn 5 credits.
  • During your Junior year you will take 6 classes and by the end of the school year you will have earned 180 credits.
  • You must earn a "C" or better grade to move on to the next level of classes. 
  • Review the High School Graduation and "A-G" Requirements check the Naviance link. 

Colleges / Careers:

  • Colleges/Universities only accept "C" or better grades, which means that if you earn a "D" grade you will need to re-take the class for a better grade. 
  • Attend Presentations / Workshops during the Tutorial Period check the Monthly Event Calendar / Grade Level Presentation link.
  • Attend College / Career Fairs.
  • Explore Silicon Valley Career Technical Education SVCTE COURSES.


  • Take the PSAT in October as it is the only year you can qualify for the National Merit Scholars Program - (TBD) due to COVID19.
  • Take either the SAT COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAM or the ACT PLUS WRITING in the Spring.  Students who are applying to competitive programs or Private Colleges will also want to take at least (2) SAT subject area tests to provide additional data - (TBD) due to COVID19.

NAVIANCE Counseling Resources / 4-Year Plan: 

  • Make sure that you can login to your Naviance account.
  • Post all colleges (CSU's, UC's, Out-of-State Schools, Private Universities, and Community Colleges), you are thinking about applying to in the "Colleges I'm Thinking About" section.
  • Revise your 4-Year Plan.
  • The Resume Builder is a requirement if you are applying to Private Colleges/Universities. Continue to post your extra-curricular activities such as: volunteer hours, clubs, sports, awards, this section.