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Graduation  Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 220 credits in required courses to graduate from high school:

English - 40 credits

Math - 20 credits

Science - 20 credits

(Biological & Physical Science)

Social Science - 30 credits

VPA or LOTE - 10 credits

PE - 20 credits

Electives - 80 credits

Naviance: 4-Year Plan, Grad/A-G Requirements, Course Sequence Matrix

Naviance 4-Year Plans

NAVIANCE is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. Learn about what Naviance can do for you:

  • take a personality assessment "Do What You Are" to determine what type of career, major, or college is best for you
  • explore careers and colleges
  • create your 4-Year Plan
  • post your extra-curricular activities such as: volunteer hours, clubs, sports, awards in Resume Builder
  • see college stats for Santa Teresa
  • work on your college applications
  • communicate with your counselor
  • and much, much more

"A-G" Requirements  

Students must meet the “A-G” requirements with a minimum of a “C” grade in required courses to be eligible for a 4-Year University.  The UC System requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.  

Also, students must take the SAT COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAM or ACT PLUS WRITING  - (TBD) due to COVID19.

a. Social Science - 20 credits

b. English - 40 credits

c. Math - 30 credits - (Minimum Math 3)

d. Science - 20 credits - (Biological & Physical Science)

e. LOTE - 20 credits - (Same Language)

f. VPA - 10 credits

g. College Prep Elective - 10 credits

Couuse sequence matrix

Students will have the opportunity to create or revise their 4-year plans in December before meeting with their Counselors in January/February. Students may download the COURSE SEQUENCE MATRIX by Grade Level and Subject.