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Mrs. Jarmann


My name is Diana Jarmann. I am currently teaching 5 periods of biology, three of which are co-taught with Michael "Coach Mac" McIntyre. I hold a Professional Clear Teaching Credential in the state of California for Science: Biological Science and have a B.S in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Molecular Biology. I have been teaching Integrated Science and Biology here at Santa Teresa High School since 2007.

We will be doing lots of different things in biology including:  hands-on activities, presentations, labs, activity sheets, writing, demonstrations, and more!  I believe in having variety in our lessons and activities so that all learning styles can be met.  We also teach organizational skills to help our students succeed not only in Biology, but in their other courses as well. Students will have opportunities to investigate questions they have, collaborate on projects, demonstrate what they learn throughout the year, and even have an opportunity to go whale watching in Monterey Bay.  

If you have any questions, the best way to contact me is through schoolloop email.