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Thank you for visiting Mr. Huynh's multimedia arts webpage. You will find links to the multimedia arts courses I teach, as well as useful information about the multimedia arts program here at Santa Teresa High School.  I have just started this site, so it is a huge work in progress, so please be patient with me:)

With this site, I hope to post information on multimedia arts related courses as well as any changes to them. I will also publish useful news for students that will include college information, presentations, art competitions, exhibitions and internships, jobs, student resources, school related events and functions, etc.

If you have similar types of information that are related, shoot me a message and if possible, I will post them as well so that we can expand our list of resources for students to see.

Thanks again for visiting and have a wonderful day!

Mr. Tan Huynh, Room 804

Office Phone: (408) 347-6312


Address: 6150 Snell Avenue, San Jose, CA 95123