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Tutoring Information

Tutoring Support at Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa High School recognizes that academic success is not always achieved in a class period.  Sometimes, a little extra tutoring or help can be enough to get a student to the grade they desire.  We are always looking into the different programs, services, and strategies that will help our students thrive.


Tutorial is offered on Collaboration days for 30 minutes after 4th period and on "T" days for 50 minutes after 4th period.  Students are expected to either stay in their 4th period class or receive permission to visit another teacher for additional help.  To do so, students must arrange an appointment no later than the end of brunch on a Tutorial day.  Students now can access the Digital Tutorial Pass from the Santa Teresa High School app (available on iTunes or Google Play) or the ST website.  Once the student makes their request, the requested teacher can "approve" or "deny" the request.  If "approved," the student must show the approved Digital Tutorial Pass to their 4th period teacher, go to their other class, and scan in with their ID card. 

The Library is Open Before School and After School

On "S" days, the library is open from 7:15am-8:50am and from 1:15pm to 5pm.  

On "T" days, the library is open from 2:30pm-5pm.  

The computer lab and study space are available to the students.  

Tutoring support is available in the afternoons.  

Volunteers are always welcome.

ST Tutoring Map

The ST Tutoring Map shows where teachers are during the week and when they are offering the extra help.

SAT/ACT Prep Tutoring

SAT/ACT Prep Tutoring is on campus every Thursday from 2:45pm-4:00pm.  In room P3, Dr. Gary Lemco offers his expertise with regards to English Language Arts and in room 503, Ms. Carole Ng offers her expertise with regards to Math.

The Saintly Tutors

The "SAINTLY Tutors Program" is designed to match students of need with qualified student tutors.

Students and Parents/Guardians are encouraged to complete the form below indicating their request.  Only approved tutors have access to the information.

When a qualified tutor is available, the student (and Parent/Guardian) will be contacted.  All tutoring must occur on the Santa Teresa High School campus in or near the Library between the end of school and 5pm Tuesday through Friday.

If there is an arrangement for paid tutors, tutors must be paid on a weekly basis and a contract must be completed prior to the start of tutoring.

Tutoring Rewards

The ST Tutoring Rewards program is being designed to reward both the tutors and the tutorees.  Students can earn prizes and awards based on the number of hours they have invested getting help or helping others.  Check back for more information.