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Grading Periods, Steps to take when Struggling in Class, Tutorial/Advisory Period Schedule

Students will receive grades every (6) weeks as noted below. Factors that may be related to receiving low grades may be due to the following: missed or incomplete assignments, lack of participation in the class, poor attendance, and low test scores.

It is highly recommended to monitor School Loop REGULARLY for class updates. Follow the steps to take when struggling in a class as noted below. Attend the tutorial period on a regular basis or as needed.


1st Grading Period Ends - September 20, 2019 (Progress Report)

2nd Grading Period Ends - November 1, 2019 (Progress Report)

3rd Grading Period - 1st Semester Ends - December 20, 2019 (Official Grades and Credits Earned)

4th Grading Period Ends - February 14, 2020 (Progress Report)

5th Grading Period Ends - April 3, 2020

6th Grading Period - 2nd Semester Ends - June 4, 2020 (Official Grades and Credits Earned)

Steps to take when students are struggling in class

Step #1 - Meet with your teacher privately to discuss the concerns or struggles you are experiencing in the class and ask for help.

Step #2 - Attend the Tutorial/Advisory Period with your teacher to get extra help. This can be done on a regular basis or as needed. Check the Tutorial Information Link located in the orange tab "Student Life" for more details.

Step #3 - Check the Tutoring Map when your teachers are available for additional tutoring support.

Step #4 - Attend the Homework Center after school in the Library to get extra help from a staff or peer.

Step #5 - Sign-up for a private tutor from the Saintly Tutors Program from the Santa Teresa School Website.

Step #6 - Schedule a Parent/Teacher/Student Conference to discuss strategies that will help you improve your grades.


--If the above steps have NOT been successful, contact your counselor to discuss other options and possibly initiate an IST meeting with all your teachers.

--If you have an emergency situation that happens in your class (one that requires you to file a report) you will need to see an Advisor, Counselor or Administrator immediately.