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Dance Permission Slips

Everything you need to attend a dance at ST

If you are a current student at Santa Teresa High School, you are required to have a Dance Permission Slip on file in order to attend a school dance. Please read through the guidelines and rules in this website accordingly!

Reminder: You only need to submit one for the entire school year. 


Dance Permission Slip

  • The guest form must be completed and returned to the ST School Bank with your guests’ administrator's school business card attached. 
  • A new guest permission slip is required for each dance. 
  • Administrator card must match the Administrator’s signature.

Guest Permission Slip

  • All dance permission slips are required to be on file at the school bank before a student may purchase a dance ticket.
  • Each dance has different dates for ticket sales. Be aware of the last day to purchase.

Note: Inappropriate dancing has become an increasing problem at Santa Teresa High School.

In order for STHS to continue to provide school sponsored dances there will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in effect for any and all SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE DANCING (i.e. freaking, grinding, twerking, yiking, most types of “front to back” dancing, etc.). The allowable types of dancing will be at the sole discretion of the chaperones. There will no longer be any warnings issued. The first time any chaperone witnesses this type of dancing, the parties involved will be escorted off the dance floor, their parents will be contacted, and by signing the permission slip, agree to pick up their students from the dance as soon as they are contacted.