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Junior Prom 2019

Hello Juniors!

Junior Prom ticket sales have officially begun selling at the Bank! Attached on this website is the official Junior Prom invitation along with the ticket sales flyer. All information relating to Junior Prom will be on this page. We are very excited to have the opportunity to host Junior Prom this year. Together, we will make it a night to remember!


-Class of 2020 ASB Officers


  • Where do I get the Dance Permission Slips and/or Guest Permission Slips?
    • These two slips are located on the "Dance Permission Slips" site under Activities section of the School Loop homepage.
  • Are there any rules and guidelines that I need to know?
    • All Santa Teresa guidelines in terms of dances are also located on the webpage described above, and on the slips themselves. Please READ THROUGH the guidelines carefully.
  • If I went to Homecoming this year, will I still need to submit a permission slip?
    • No. If you submitted a Dance Permission Slip to attend the Homecoming Dance earlier this year, that slip applies to all dances this school year.
  • Is there a dress requirement and/ or customs?
    • There is no formal dress code, but typically most students wear an evening dress or tuxedo/suit. Junior ASB will be handing out coupons for Prom clothing stores in our area soon.
  • Does STHS require students to travel to and from Prom a certain way?
    • No, there will not be buses between STHS and Cinnabar Hills. 
  • Any other questions/concerns, please email or talk to a Junior ASB officer.