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How to Register

Registration is the first step any transferring student or incoming freshman student must do in order to enroll at Santa Teresa.  The process can take up to two hours so give yourself ample time to complete the process.  

What will you need:

  • Your son or daughter -- if it is during the school year, they will start classes on the day of registration
  • Current and Valid ID 
  • Current PG&E Bill stating your address
  • Current Immunization Records
  • If you are a transfer student: Bring your previous school transcript and withdraw packet
What will happen?

When you arrive, you will need to fill out and/or submit:

  • An enrollment form
  • Emergency contact form
  • Request for transcripts and cum folder from your previous school
  • Our electronic policy and photography consent forms.  
  • Your ID
  • Your PG&E bill
  • Student immunization records

Once these items have been reviewed and accepted you will then be entered into the system.

Once you are registered, you will then be directed to your counselor who will enroll your son or daughter into classes.  The classes chosen will be based on need and availability.  Please see the counseling page to see what courses we offer.