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Shark Tank Market Analysis -- Ms. Tripoli & Ms. Boye-Doe

PRo Tips from your Librarian

1. Vary your keywords -- use Google to help you come up with different words to use if you are not getting results


2. Avoid CRAAP! (I teach an entire lesson on this but here's the short version)

  • Currency -- when was it published? 

  • Relevancy -- how much of the page is about your topic? 

  • Accuracy -- can you find another source that has the same information as this one?

  • Authority  -- who wrote the information? Are they someone to believe?

  • Purpose --  why is the information out there? (sell, entertain, persuade, mislead?)

3. Look for industry associations 

  • Do a Google search for industry description + association
  • Example: fiber optics + association
  • Example: personal trainers + association
  • Note the type of site (.org, .com, .net) -- are they all acceptable for your research purpose?

4. Beware of anything that costs money 

Selling reports to business people is its own business -- beware of anything that costs money! 

And Now the REsources!

Alphabetical List of Industries

Ms. Boye-Doe and Ms. Tripoli suggest you start here and focus on the Summary and Background sections for your target industry. You should do what they say so everyone is happy.


Reports and data on market shares, consumer lifestyles and media trends (these are also the TV ratings guys if you know who that is)

U.S. Census Bureau Business Data
Census information about businesses, including how many businesses are in a specific industry

American Fact Finder

An easier way to search U.S. Census Bureau Data.  Try the "Guided Search" that focuses on business.
A free resource that covers more than 400 industries, including overviews, key issues, trends, industry outlook, and help with valuation

Yahoo Industry Center
Find and compare financial and market data by industry


Thank you to the Library at the University of Pittsburgh for compiling these resources! 

University of Pittsburgh Library