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Table of Contents, Appendix, and Bibliography Resources -- Mr. Feldman

Making an Appendix (MLA Style)

Here are some directions on how to create and format your appendix using MLA format

Video: How to write an appendix

Bibliography Resources

Works cited image
Works Cited image

All Things mLA!

MLA takes a long time to learn -- and they write books about it! Here are a few of your librarian's favorite sites to help with All Things MLA

Creating a table of contents

What is a table of contents? It's a list of all the sections in your document and the page number on which those sections begin.  A table of contents helps your reader navigate what you've written, especially when your work has multiple sections.  

Here is an example of a table of contents.  Many programs like MS Word and Google Docs have a tool to generate them automatically.

Simple table of contents
Creating a table of contents in word
Creating a Table of Contents in a Google doc

Creating a Bibliography using Google Docs (EasyBib Add-on)