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Table of Contents, Appendix, and Bibliography Resources

Good organisation is important! 

The secret to creating well-organised assignments is to look carefully at the assignment sheet provided by your teacher.  Follow exactly what they ask you to do! This checklist will help you make sure you have completed all of your assigned tasks and have put them in the correct order as requested by your teacher.

Making an Appendix (MLA Style)

Here are some directions on how to create and format your appendix using MLA format

Video: How to write an appendix

Bibliography Resources

Works cited image
Works Cited image

All Things mLA!

MLA takes a long time to learn -- and they write books about it! Here are a few of your librarian's favorite sites to help with All Things MLA

Creating a table of contents

What is a table of contents? It's a list of all the sections in your document and the page number on which those sections begin.  A table of contents helps your reader navigate what you've written, especially when your work has multiple sections.  

Here is an example of a table of contents.  Many programs like MS Word and Google Docs have a tool to generate them automatically.

Simple table of contents
Creating a table of contents in word
Creating a Table of Contents in a Google doc

Creating a Bibliography using Google Docs (EasyBib Add-on)