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PowderPuff Football 2018

Santa Teresa's annual PowderPuff Tournament takes place on Friday, November 16th from 3:30- 7 PM at the Football Stadium! Preparation for this school event is a commitment that will take time and effort. Please familiarize yourself with your PowderPuff Permission Slip. If you do not have a permission slip, please see a Senior Class Officer or go to the ASB Room (803) during Break, Tutorial or Lunch!

Practice times and dates:

Mondays: November 5th and 12th  (Seniors and Juniors)

Tuesdays: November 6th and 13th  (Sophomores and Freshmen)

Wednesdays: November 7th and 14th  (Seniors and Juniors)

Thursdays: November 1st and 8th  (Sophomores and Freshmen)

THURSDAY, November 15th: Final Practice (ALL CLASSES)


Practice times will normally be from 7:00-9:00 PM, except for the final ALL CLASS practice from 3:30pm-6:30pm, and if circumstances arise or is decided by ASB. Check the Practice Google Doc daily for updates.


What is powderpuff?

PowderPuff is a cherished Santa Teresa tradition where each of the four classes compete against each other in Girls Flag Football! The boys of each class participate in cheer leading and hold a half-time performance as well.